I Tried That Before

I Tried That Before And It Didn’t Work

I tried that before and it didn’t work for me.”  God, how many times have we all heard this. I tried that before “I tried that before” seems to be a term many quitters are using.  Some people get into a home based business and quit.  Not some…many.  People may make a couple of posts on Facebook or Google+ and then quit.  They never really even get off the ground.  “I tried that before” is a staple comment about people who afriad to try anything new.  Now, these are my beliefs and if you hold different beliefs than mine…please share them with me on the comment section.  “I tried that before and it didn’t work”.  Well, hell.  I am sorry.  Have you ever thought about trying something again?  Did you work your home based business as a business or as a hobby?  Did you ask all your family and friends to join and when they didn’t join..you quit?  I betcha that is what happened.  Or this is what happened…..ready?  “You not doing that Pyramid thing are you! ”   Quit.  Go Home.  Throw in the towel.  Move on.

I Tried That Before And I Am Still Broke

i tried that before 1“I tried that before and nothing happened.”  And yes, you are still broke.  I find that I am running short on sympathy if you are not willing to try something new or different.  So many people are struggling to make ends meet and still playing thier cards on their 9-5 job.  Maybe if they can make 2 more dollars an hour.  Yippee !!  “I tried that before” is a phrase that one needs to erase from their memory.  Try something new…I did!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I blog about anything and everything and appreciate your feedback. I am who I am and pull no punches. The main reason I blog is because it puts my thoughts and words out there on the internet…not just Facebook and Google+. Hope to see you soon again…..

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Winners never quit. Quitters never win. I’m getting to the point where I’m taking the word “try” out of my vocabulary. I do it, or I don’t and if I haven’t got the desired results, I keep going and doing different things until I do get the desired results. Never. Give. Up.

It sounded like “I ate that before” I don’t need it again.
I fall down once, and I don’t plan to get up…
They need to get on paul’s call and change their mind set!